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trialsitenews's podcast

May 31, 2020

As director of neurology at Hudson Medical in New York Dr. Pitts heroically saved a women’s life back in April during the apex of the pandemic.  Dr. Pitts connected with a mother of three and respiratory therapist who at one point was intubated for 16 days—sick with a severe to approaching critical form...

May 20, 2020

400 million worldwide are impacted with rare diseases and approximately 30 million in America. With organizations like Global Genes we have come quite a ways to evangelize what amounts to very vulnerable groups. In this episode Christian Rubio talks about Global Genes and how they started, their goals, and what the...

May 13, 2020

In this podcast Dr. Robert Jeanfreau talks about a range of specifics, from how he got involved in medicine and founded MedPharmics to MedPharmics collaboration with East Jefferson General Hospital to collect blood samples to support clinical trials addressing COVID-19 extreme cases.
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May 6, 2020

Ed Seguine, CEO of Clinical Ink, talks about how hybrid trials, BYOD ePRO, and DDC can provide a valuable solution during a healthcare crisis like COVID-19

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May 1, 2020

Irfan Khan, M.D. talks about COVID-19 and the effect it will have on clinical trials, CROs, IROs, and research. 

Dr. Khan goes over new capabilities that sites need to develop, be it virtual, home healthcare, or flexibility, and more, in order to stay competitive and keep high patient participation.

Below is a summary...