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trialsitenews's podcast

Aug 5, 2020

In this episode of TrialSite News Podcast we speak with Dr. Theresa Deisher about supercharging the body's own natural immune response; a potential solution to global pandemics, no-option cancers, and auto-immunity.

AVM Biotechnology's lead product, AVM0703, is based on a repurposed active ingredient (Dexamethasone) approved and in use for over 60 years. Originally being researched as a precursor conditioning agent to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, we discovered that significantly increasing the dose of AVM’s purified version induced novel natural killer T-cells (NKT), supercharged cytotoxic T-cells, and supercharged dendritic cells.

The combination of these three amplified immune cells mobilized by AVM0703 show promise in aggressive cancer models. NKT cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes are by nature programmed to kill viruses and bacteria as well as cancer. The combination of these three mobilized supercharged immune cells should kill the COVID-19-causing virus (SARS CoV2) and induce long-term. These are cells which are not normally present in circulation and are uniquely induced by AVM0703. AVM received FDA IND permission to test our lead product AVM0703 for treatment of lymphoid malignancies. The mechanism of action that makes AVM0703 work against aggressive cancers may also prove effective against COVID-19.

To further that research, AVM Biotechnology has filed with the FDA for approval to proceed with clinical trials against this virus as well as Influenza virus which also causes deadly ARDS. With a global advisory team including experts in oncology, respiratory disease, and vaccines.

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